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A podiatrist reviews the new Prio running athletic shoe from Xero Shoes

Foot doctor Heidi Jones discusses the minimal operating, physical fitness, sports footwear from Xero Shoes.

The Prio– like all Xero Shoes– is everything about NATURAL.

All-natural FEEL– the trademarked FeelTrue single offers you terrific defense while still offering your soles (and also mind!) the excitement and also comments they require for all-natural movement. Plus the sole is backed with a 5,000 mile guarantee.

All-natural MOTION– adaptable soles allow your feet bend, step and also flex normally. Low-to-the-ground for equilibrium and also dexterity.

All-natural FIT– broad toe box allows your little piggies spread out and also kick back. A non-elevated, zero-drop, heel for appropriate stance.