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Nike KD 15 Performance Review From The Inside Out – Biggest Pros and Cons

Real foot doctor reviews the Nike KD 15 basketball shoe with teardown, durability tests and performance tests on the basketball court

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Video Intro
00:14 Uppers of the Nike KD 15
02:07 Upper durability test
02:42 Midsole Teardown of the Nike KD 15
03:04 Jump height test
03:54 Outsole tread of the Nike KD 15
05:14 Outsole durability test of the Nike KD 15
05:25 Fit of the Nike KD 15
06:09 Shuttle Test
06:27 Playability and best players for the Nike KD 15

As a foot doctor I look at basketball shoes and basketball sneaker technology a bit differently as I focus more on what foot types benefit from these shoes as well as the basketball shoe’s functional attributes on the basketball court

Some of the main areas we cover in this basketball shoe playtest, teardown and performance review are:

– The weight, durability, fit and playability
– What are the features of the insole, midsole, and outsole
– Nike basketball shoe technology explained

Part of the 2022 Basketball shoe review series

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